Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
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The Defenders: Krysten Ritter Doesn't Think A Second Season Will Happen

The Defenders: Krysten Ritter Doesn't Think A Second Season Will Happen

Indeed, before the current #MeToo movement and a reckoning with sexual assault, consent, and sex, Jessica Jones bluntly calls what happens to her, rape.

The star portrays the titular action hero in Marvel's Netflix series and the brawls she was involved in were so intense, she picked up a collection of bumps, bruises and wounds, and at one point risked becoming mute.

Another new character for season two, Cuban artist and father Oscar Arocho moves into Jessica's building as the new superintendent.

"She is a girl that is marked by trauma".

Her superhero persona was Jewel, a super-strength character who hasn't been talked about much outside of the pages of Alias and the Netflix series. Unfortunately, Jessica Jones tends to fall into those same traps during season two. The directness of the parallel stands alongside the pulpy plot progression of a comic book, giving it the necessary amount of distance to make it compelling television. Hell's Kitchen was "a place that was tough - that resembles Jessica Jones well".

Of course, they did change a few things for the show.

Jeri's illness - and the way her partners are using it to force her out - is exposing us to a soft underbelly that no one knew she had.

Both Ritter and Rachael Taylor, who plays Trish, trained hard for the Marvel show. And throughout the first season, we slowly discover most of this is to avoid dealing with the memories of Kilgrave (a story told at the latter end of the Bendis/Gaydos series).

On going deeper into Jessica's origins: "The main goal for myself and [Melissa Rosenberg] and the writers was to go deeper". Add to that the fact that he admitted to lying about his past girlfriend by saying she was unstable, which is pretty much the cardinal sin of wannabe progressive men. She's also a rape survivor.

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But Jessica knows the burden on her shoulders now that she has a name to live up to. However, each time her stern surface breaks apart, it reveals a hurting woman scared of herself and wanting of a better life than the one her past or alcoholism would let her have. Fans will have to be up early if they want to be the first to watch the Season 2 premiere.

Marvel and Netflix went the extra mile in embracing female talent with the second season of Jessica Jones, hiring an all-woman roster of directors to bring the series to life.

This also made her distant from Trish, who would do anything to get her sister back and does.

It also means she gets to enjoy things from time to time without the specter of denial hanging over her.

Jessica became distant after she was kidnapped and forced to do the bidding of a psychotic villain with mind control powers named Kilgrave.

After the show's critical success, it seems Marvel is pivoting to focus on women in film as well.

Appropriately, the new season of "Jessica Jones" debuts on Netflix worldwide on International Women's Day, Thursday. He looked out for Trish, even if it was not the most "normal" way, and left viewers with more questions than answers on what attacked them and who Jessica might have to confront.

Though Jessica turns him away, the man presses the issue by returning and holding our favorite PI at gunpoint. Even better, she refuses to apologize for it.

Despite all this, Jessica isn't exactly what most people would think of as one of the new faces of feminism. It makes them a surprising duo.

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