Published: Fri, March 09, 2018
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Ongoing terror, forced starvation against Rohingya says UN

Ongoing terror, forced starvation against Rohingya says UN

A Myanmar security personnel keeps watch along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border as Rohingya refugee stand outside their makeshifts shelters near Tombru, in the Bangladeshi district of Bandarban on March 1, 2018 Bangladesh on March 1 asked Myanmar to immediately "pull back" security forces and heavy weapons from the border after the troop build-up near a camp housing thousands of stranded Rohingya stirred tension on the troubled frontier.

The UN and human rights organisations have repeatedly criticised the atrocities allegedly committed by the Myanmar military in a campaign against the Rohingya that began in northern Rakhine following a coordinated assault by the Rohingya insurgent movement on August 25, 2017, reports Efe news.

Refugees who have arrived recently gave Gilmour "credible accounts" of continuing killings, rape, torture and abductions, as well as forced starvation.

There was no immediate comment by the Myanmar government. In the Council, its delegation is allowed to respond on Thursday.

Myanmar's government must take steps to provide real accountability for violations and respect the rights of Rohingya, including to citizenship, Zeid said.

Farmaner, however, urged the British government to support the United Nations in referring Myanmar to the International Criminal court.

The repatriation deal signed between Myanmar and Bangladesh in November would likely fail despite his government's official stance that the refugees must eventually go back, he continued.

Gilmour also praised the humanitarian response of Bangladesh and other worldwide organizations to the Rohingya refugee crisis, but warned that the rainy season could leave "a devastating effect" on the refugee camps.

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"You can speculate that very few will return to Burma".

While the majority of those refugees fled Myanmar a year ago, Rohingya are still streaming across the border by the hundreds every week. "In the same way, those who wish to return to Myanmar have the right to do so when they feel the time and circumstances are right".

But the plan has courted controversy from the outset.

The UN envoy said it was "inconceivable" for any Rohingya to return to Rakhine state in the near future in a "safe, dignified and sustainable" way.

But rights groups and the United Nations have warned that conditions for their return are not close to being in place.

But the process stalled, with Myanmar and Bangladesh blaming the other for a lack of preparedness for the huge undertaking.

Myanmar does not recognize the Rohingyas as citizens and forces many of them to live in squalid camps in apartheid-like condition.

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