Published: Fri, March 02, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

YouTube 'encourages' user engagement with new live features

YouTube 'encourages' user engagement with new live features

One feature, live-chat replay, will allow the chat conversations that took place during a live stream to replay alongside the video whenever someone watches. These include chat replay feature, English automatic captions for live stream, the ability to add locations tags to mobile live streams, and more.

If you're a livestreamer, do any of these features draw you to use YouTube Live over a competing service? The Google-owned company announced a year ago that it has passed 1 billion videos with automatic captions. "We'll roll this out in the coming weeks, and will continue to improve accuracy and latency of automatic captions". In 2009, it added automatic captioning to the mix, merging its automatic speech recognition (ASR) smarts with YouTube's captioning technology to automate the process of creating subtitles in videos.

Watching live videos and interacting with creators and other fans is a popular phenomenon in this day and age. "Together, we've experienced the biggest music, sports, science, culture and gaming events unfold live on YouTube". This means that viewers can follow a live chat even after the video over. This feature is now unavailable, but YouTube has said that it will roll it out in the coming weeks.

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Last but not the least, creators can now add a location tag to their mobile live stream and video uploads to share their favorite spots with their viewers. That way, viewers can see exactly where you are or were on a map, and click the tag to explore other videos filmed in the same location.

"Over 600 internet-connected services and devices (like lights, pet feeders and confetti cannons!) can be connected to Super Chat", writes Wilms. Super Chat released on desktop and android previous year.

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