Published: Thu, February 22, 2018
Markets | By Josh Butler

AT&T To Bring 5G To Dallas & Other Cities In 2018

AT&T To Bring 5G To Dallas & Other Cities In 2018

Other cities will be announced "in coming months".

AT&T also announced it's opening a new lab in Austin this spring to test 5G mobile deployments by simulating how the network will be used by customers. You'll need a 5G capable mobile device to access the network, and now, there are no compatible smartphones. I guess we will be able to live stream 4K 360 degree content from our smartphones!

AT&T has confirmed three of the 12 cities that will receive its standards-based, mobile 5G network by the end of 2018: Atlanta, Dallas and Waco, TX.

Dallas and Waco were chosen due to their strong ties to the company, said Gordon Mansfield, AT&T's vice president of radio access network and device design. Millimeter-wave spectrum only works in nearby, mostly line-of-sight applications, which means you'll have to be standing close to a 5G access point to get a signal.

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Both AT&T and Verizon previously announced plans to begin rolling out their next-generation 5G broadband networks, which promise substantial - albeit variable - speed enhancements in comparison to 4G LTE. At launch, AT&T's system will seem more like a very fast Wi-Fi network than a replacement for cell networks. AT&T will use mmWave to provide mobile 5G in some areas, then deploy the technology on additional spectrum bands. AT&T also said it plans to virtualize 75 percent of its network by 2020, after reaching its 2017 goal of 55 percent. AT&T claims that the equipment being rolled out to its LTE network will enable a migration to 5G.

2018 will be a year for the earliest of 5G early adopters.

As for AT&T's competitors - Sprint's CEO said the company wants to launch its 5G network in the first half of 2019.

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