Published: Fri, February 16, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

Sonos One Can Leave White Marks on Some Wood Furniture as Well

Sonos One Can Leave White Marks on Some Wood Furniture as Well

Apple's HomePod speakers may have impressed the audiophiles across the world but the owners of wood furniture are left distressed because leaving the speaker on top of wooden surfaces cause a odd white ring to form. Another review site Pocket-lint reported the same problem as well. So, they will damage your wood furniture, too.

According to Apple, the white, circular marks left behind by the HomePod on wooden surfaces may improve after several days.

If you still insist that the flawless place for your HomePod is on a wooden surface, you might consider some kind of barrier between the base of the HomePod and the wooden surface. "To clear it, I had to sand the wood down and then re-oil it".

Apple new smart speaker HomePod seems to be making a mark, at least on furniture.

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When I learned yesterday that Apple's HomePod speaker-which I had been testing-can damage oil-stained wood, I was more than a little concerned, as it had been sitting on my cabinet for quite some time.

The marks left by the HomePod threaten to stain Apple's reputation for designing iPhones, iPads and Mac computers that are frequently prized as much for how they look as for how they work. While these marks should be easily removed by a damp cloth, some HomePod owners may want to invest in a surface protector like the one now being offered by Pad & Quill.

The company also released what might be the only "how to clean your smart speaker" support page in existence (because you shouldn't need instructions for that). If so, that could hamper Apple's efforts to catch up to less expensive internet-connected speakers from Amazon and Google that had a head start in the still nascent market.

Users of the HomePod have confirmed that the device leaves an unusual white stain on the wood on which it is placed. Other websites also posted their own guides on the functionalities of Apple's smart speaker. If you're still having issues, Apple advises you follow the furniture's recommended cleaning processor or put your speaker somewhere else.

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