Published: Thu, January 25, 2018
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Elton John officially retiring from the road

Elton John officially retiring from the road

"I've had a good run, I think you'd admit that", the singer, pianist and composer said Wednesday at an event in NY announcing the tour, called Farewell Yellow Brick Road.

People have questioned if John's decision comes after several health problems previous year.

However, according to The Mirror, he will officially announce his retirement "imminently". I don't want to go out with a whimper.

Pop superstar Elton John will say goodbye. And in 2015, (husband) David (Furnish) and I sat down with a school schedule, and I thought, 'I don't want to miss too much of this.' You know, I've had an fantastic life.

At the time, Sir Elton said he felt "grateful to be alive", revealing that he could have died at any time while struggling through his European tour unaware he was suffering from the condition. "And it's the last time that I will be touring, and traveling the world. I want to go out with a bang", he said of the farewell tour.

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"I'm not Cher", John jokes. I want to take him to school and I want to pick him up.

His final tour - dubbed "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" - starts in September. And although the performer was hospitalized previous year after catching a "rare and potentially deadly" bacterial infection at the end of his South American tour, he says that his decision to retire has nothing to do with his health.

The bad news is that the tour will the final of Elton's career. In March, John was hospitalized in South America because of a potentially fatal bacterial infection that he contracted while on tour.

The singer became "violently ill" during a flight home from Santiago, Chile and was admitted to hospital where he spent two nights in intensive care. The music icon's final tour will begin in the US on September 8, 2018 and will hit five continents, with the superstar performing for his fans during more than 300 planned shows.

Even still, he managed to perform 96 concerts previous year and downplayed any concerns that he's retiring due to medical problems.

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