Published: Mon, January 22, 2018
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Germany's Merkel hopes SPD will approve talks with her CDU party

Germany's Merkel hopes SPD will approve talks with her CDU party

Without a government, Germany can only tread political water.

But on Sunday, Germany's post-electoral flying circus pays a visit to the old West German capital.

The leader of the SPD, Martin Schulz, also urged a "yes" vote.

The SPD and conservative blocs, which both bled support to the far right in the September 24 election, struck their preliminary deal after exploratory talks on renewing their ruling alliance that took office in 2013. Or should the party run for the hills? The youth wing's leader, Kevin Kuehnert, told delegates that extending the alliance because it was the least-bad option would exacerbate the party's "crisis of trust" with its supporters. "This is achievable for the improvement of the lives of people in Germany and in Europe".

The party's leader Martin Schulz declared that the only alternative was another general election- a choice which he rejected. Selmayr, who is German himself, wrote on Twitter. Despite positive results, the opposition to a coalition with the conservatives remains strong within the SPD. "That means there could be a change within the legislative period", the lawmaker said.

Mr Schulz told delegates before the vote: "Europe is waiting for a Germany that knows its responsibility for Europe and can act decisively".

A potential result is that the CDU/CSU and SPD will form the "Grand Coalition".

The poll showed that only 45 percent of Germans were in favor of another grand coalition, although 68 percent of conservatives were in favor, and 57 percent of SPD members. Nahles' voice trembled as she recalled this, saying that basic pensions are a big political achievement. However the SPD leadership has pledged to ballot its sceptical membership on the terms of any coalition agreement.

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Fresh elections avoided for now as Social Democrats approve negotiations with Merkel's conservatives by 56 percent. "For me this is borderline suicide, particularly for the younger generation". "And I think it has to be given here today in Bonn".

While she conceded the SPD had not won all its demands in the negotiations, including a call for a universal health insurance, she said other important projects were within reach.

Both concede the Bonn showdown is, in reality, the latest round in a long-running proxy war: what, precisely, are modern social democratic principles in the era of globalisation - and how do you translate them into government policy?

One CDU lawmaker, who admired Merkel's mastery of detail but complained she lacks empathy, said that handing over the chancellorship early would strengthen her successor and the party in the next election, due in 2021. The SPD had been pushing for an increase from 42 percent to 45 percent.

Sections of the SPD opposing the formation of a renewed grand coalition have no fundamental differences with this political course, which they have fully supported for the past four years.

Refusing power on Sunday, he says, will "see things come to fresh elections, and pretty quickly" - an unappetising prospect given the party has slumped to 18.5 per cent in polls. "Their voters will punish them for being in government".

Attention now shifts to Merkel and fellow leaders of her CDU, who were due to meet in Berlin later Sunday to assess the outcome of the vote.

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