Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
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Roseanne Barr explains why she'll play a Trump supporter on new season

Roseanne Barr explains why she'll play a Trump supporter on new season

Barr met with the Television Critics Association on Monday for the first time since ABC announced a revival of Roseanne, the Emmy-winning show that aired from 1988-1997 (the new season premieres March 27). "Of course I love Oprah like everybody else", Barr said when asked about the daytime TV mogul's now-famous speech.

The original series was far more interested in issues of class and gender inequity than it was in race-but Season 7's "White Men Can't Kiss" did focus on Roseanne growing furious with D.J. over his reluctance to kiss a black classmate in a school play, then uncomfortably confronting her own ingrained racism when she couldn't decide if she was afraid of a late-night visitor to her diner because he was a man, or because he was a black man.

According to Fox News, Barr said the decision to have the character support Trump was "realistic" and gives an insight into family dynamics in the U.S. So I thought that was a very real thing and it needed to be discussed.

This was a detail that Barr believed was very important to include if she wanted it to be a "true reflection of the society we live in".

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Barr said making her TV counterpart a Trump supporter made sense for the show about a working-class American family.

Not only is the iconic Roseanne Show set to make a YUGE comeback, the main character "Roseanne" is planning to make waves by being an unapologetic Trump supporter. It didn't take long for the panel discussion to divert to Roseanne's personal politics, and how it will be impacting the program.

When the reporter pointed to Trump's early campaign comments regarding Mexicans, Barr elaborated further: "Well, he says a lot of insane shit. There are a lot of things he's done and said that I don't agree with in the same way there are probably a lot of things Hillary Clinton has done and said you don't agree with". I'm not a Trump apologist. "And I did run in 2012", she stated. "Nobody is brainwashed into agreeing with 100 percent or what anyone says let alone a politician or a candidate". "I was anxious that people wouldn't want to touch [Roseanne], that everybody was proud of it and wanted to leave it alone and not risk anything", Gilbert said.

Roseanne Barr apparently thinks that she would make a better president than Oprah Winfrey - or Susan Sarandon for that matter. That's when one of her writers tried to speak, but Barr interjected, "Speaking of racism..." After all, as Darlene actress and Roseanne E.P. Sara Gilbert put it, "This is a time when our country is divided".

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