Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
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Four Kashmiri cricketers arrested for respecting Pakistani national anthem

Four Kashmiri cricketers arrested for respecting Pakistani national anthem

In Jammu and Kashmir's Bandipora area, players were spotted playing in jerseys of Pakistan and before the match, teams sang Pakistan's national anthem. "The anthem was played live on Facebook and it went viral then". In the video, two teams of cricketers are seen lined up against each other, apparently in Bandipora district. The other team was in whites. Several players were booked for bowing their heads in honour of Pakistan's national anthem, which was played before the start of the match in Bandipora district.

The stadium where the incident took place seems to be a local ground situated among hillocks. The video was uploaded to a page called "Kashmir -Right to self determination" from Pakistan. As per local sources, the incident took place at the final cricket match of a local cricket tournament held in Arin village in North Kashmir. However, only four cricketers were arrested.

Th police are also searching for the directors and the organisers of the match. "We have arrested four people", Sheikh Zulfikar Azad, senior superintendent of police, Bandipora, told DNA.

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In April 2016, a similar case had surfaced when youths were detained for wearing green jerseys of Pakistan's national eleven for a local cricket match.

In April previous year, police had detained local cricketers in Ganderbal area for donning Pakistan uniform and playing its national anthem. According to media reports, after watching a video being viral on social media, the police filed a case against the players and arrested four out of them.

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