Published: Fri, January 05, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

Monster Hunter World's Meat Shack to provide FREE BBQ for fans

Monster Hunter World's Meat Shack to provide FREE BBQ for fans

The Monster Hunter Meat Shack will be open from the 25th to the 28th of January - and looks set to trash many new year's resolutions.

The common occurring of delayed releases for the PC is something which gamers have grown accustomed to and if you're among them, then you shouldn't be surprised that Monster Hunter World for the PC has been delayed further.

The Kushala Daora is a steel dragon that can control storm clouds and is protected by thick metal plates. Returning players can now try to hunt down the unsafe Nergigante dragon, a monster we saw in a previous trailer.

A failed North Korean missile crashed in its own city this year
GoogleEarth images from 2016 show no such damage to the buildings, one of which does not appear to have been built yet. It marked the first missile launched since one was sacked across Japan and into the Pacific Ocean on September 15.

Capcom announced during its special Monster Hunter: World live stream that Deviljho will be the first monster to be added via free DLC sometime this spring. The Deviljho must feed constantly and will devour anything in its way, even feeding on the largest of monsters with its massive jowls. One, named Dodogama, has a unique saliva that causes rock to become explosive. The three minute trailer showcases the mammoth beasts, along with those courageous souls with the loins of steel to face them down until their dying breath.

Last but not least is the Teostra, which has the ability to spit fire at its foes, and can also engulf any potential threats in a blazing inferno. Diners will be able to wash their hearty meals down with a complimentary drink, as well as getting hands-on with a demo of Monster Hunter: World, with in-built gaming consoles at each table.

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