Published: Fri, January 05, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

LG Introduces Compact 4K Projector That Can Create 150-inch Screen

That being said, 4K projectors aren't exactly new, but LG is boasting that compared to the competition, their 4K projector is smaller, easy to install, and all done without sacrificing image quality, and also being easy on the wallet. LG's new UHD projector seems to have achieved all the essential features and claims that the size of their product is half the size of what others offer in their own market. While they are "heavy, expensive, and hard to install", according to the company, the HU80KA is the opposite of all these. The key feature about the HU80KA is that it has the ability to display a 150-inch picture in any room of your house. Created to project an image of 150-inches, it supports the HDR 10 standard for high dynamic range, with the company's brightest ever image of 2,500 lumens ... On top of that 4K resolution there is also support for HDR meaning a wider range of colours and contrast can be displayed.

The projector can be positioned on the floor, hung from the ceiling or can be mounted to the wall.

It even has a pair of built in speakers. Thanks to two 7W speakers there should be enough audio oomph to enjoy this anywhere. Fear not as the HU80KA has a plethora of connectivity options ranging from optical, HDMI, and Bluetooth. It is also preloaded with WebOS 3.5 Smart TV interface, that allows users to access popular online streaming services.

If you have never used a projector, you might not know the challenge it can be to get things set up properly.

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How much will the HU80KA cost?

So far, LG hasn't revealed further specifications and price of the projector. Then again, this is CES, so that's nothing to be surprised about. The HU80KA is a pretty impressive projector from LG, as the company had looked to solve some of the issues with other high-end projectors, which included difficulty in installing it.

CES 2018 kicks off on the 7 of January 2018 and goes on till the 12 of January 2018.

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