Published: Fri, December 29, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Preston Stone

Snapchat may bring 'Stories Everywhere' to share content in third-party website

Snapchat may bring 'Stories Everywhere' to share content in third-party website

Cheddar compared Snapchat's latest initiative to the time when Twitter Inc. rolled out support in 2011 to embed tweets in blog articles.

Starting today, Snapchat will allow users to access their own version of Facebook's memories feature, though it works a bit differently than what you might be used to.

Snapchat is reportedly working on expanding its Stories feature outside of its own app with a new initiative called "Stories Everywhere".

Image snapchat
Image snapchat

The main idea behind Stories Everywhere is to increase the user base, which has been stagnant. All of the snaps are assembled automatically to create the Story. Ever since Facebook and Instagram started ripping off features from Snapchat, the user engagement numbers for Snapchat have been plateauing. If you are looking under "Stories" or "Camera Roll", you won't be able to find it. The decision to make Stories available outside of Snapchat arrives as the app's user growth has stalled in the wake of its massive IPO. The success of this feature has been undeniable and it seems that other social media platforms have finally chose to emulate it. The web player would also prompt users to sign up for Snapchat, allowing the company to try to boost its user count.

The new video plans come amid a wider shake-up, according to Cheddar, who reports that Snapchat has "restructured" its content division under Nick Bell, VP of content. CEO Evan Spiegel had announced that the redesign would to make the app "easier to use" but didn't specify when the redesign would be released. But this year has been very hard for Snap, as the company last month reported slowing user growth and revenue. To get feedback on the app's performance and design, it has distributed a variety of Android devices to the engineering teams.

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