Published: Fri, December 29, 2017
Sci-tech | By Eric Barnett

Apple apologizes for slowdowns, cuts battery costs

Apple apologizes for slowdowns, cuts battery costs

It previously cost $79 for those who didn't purchase the Apple Care maintenance plan. It affected the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE. It is offering cheaper battery replacements to make up for it.

Hostile customer reaction was swift after a report this month uncovered the intentional slowdown in speed tests. Apple shares declined by about 0.2% in late trading Thursday, after closing with a 0.3% gain at $171.08.

In a statement today, the company emphasized that it would never "do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product". In that situation, when apps with heavy processing demands were run, the iPhone could go into a safety shutdown so as to prevent component damage, because the battery was unable to provide sufficient power for the CPU.

While most people expect smartphone battery life to degrade over time, they don't expect the manufacturer to slow down the device's performance on goal, without any warning or mention of it.

"Each member of the Class had to buy a newer iPhone model because the performance of their older model had slowed down as a result of Defendant's purposeful conduct", alleges the lawsuit.

"These practices are unacceptable and cannot go unpunished". We don't want any of our users to lose a call, miss taking a picture or have any other part of their iPhone experience interrupted if we can avoid it.

It believes Apple could be liable for a fine in line with the value of all its iPhone French sales since the law came into force.

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Apple said in the statement it initially thought the problems were caused by temporary lags and bugs after updating operating systems, but later attributed them to battery performance.

The company releases new flagships each year, and some argue that iPhone fans are more likely to upgrade to a newer model if they are no longer satisfied with their older iPhone's performance.

We've always wanted our customers to be able to use their iPhones as long as possible.

Whether or not it was a good strategy, what many have taken issue with is how Apple communicated - or failed to communicate - exactly what it was doing.

Apple goes on to explain how a software update originally was meant to improve power management on aging phones' batteries in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns. Details will be provided soon on

The iPhone maker also said it will be issuing an iOS software update in early 2018 that will give iPhone owners more information about their battery's health. Spokespeople for both companies spoke to the publication, with Motorola saying slowing down phones due to battery life "is not something we do". We will never stop working to earn and maintain it.

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