Published: Tue, December 26, 2017
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Odisha Celebrates Christmas with Joy and Fervour

Odisha Celebrates Christmas with Joy and Fervour

"However, my special felicitations go to the respected Iranian Christian community whose members have, by drawing on the teachings of Jesus Christ, stood by their fellow countrymen through good times and tribulations, and, as an integral part of ran's glorious culture and civilization, have always striven to further develop and promote the country".

With the ringing of Church bells, the religious activities began across the state with curch services, most of which started at 2300 hrs last night.

A service was held at the Orthodox Church of İskenderun, a district of Hatay, for Christmas celebrations.

Special cakes were cut and candies were distributed among the devotees.

Christian men, women and children gathered in the Holy Catholic Family Church situated at Moulana Azad Road here to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Speaking on the occasion, Rev. Dr. K.A. William said, "The birth of Jesus is one of the important dates in human history as the eras are also termed with reference to his birth - Before Christ (BC) and AD (Anno Domini)".

Everyone from the community prayed for the peace and prosperity in Kashmir with people from other religions joining them.

Flu Cases on Rise In State, County
They say that's why vaccines "wear off" instead of giving lifetime immunity from the very strains people are inoculated with. While you can't predict how the flu season will go, Thompson said so far this season is looking to be pretty serious.

"We are disappointed that there was no snowfall on Christmas eve".

We hope that British Columbians throughout the province have a safe and joyful Christmas season.

It offers us a break from the worries of the everyday world and a chance to focus on things that really matter - the people we love and the communities we care about.

The Tourism Department in Gulmarg had made elaborate arrangements for making the festival grand lighting up lanterns and organizing cultural programmes. "We do not care for each other and we do not have the courage to show humanity", the pastor said.

Shah said the officials of the Tourism department would also attend travel and trade fairs to woo more tourists to Kashmir.

The holiday is also known as Big Christmas, Bozhik, Bozic.

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