Published: Wed, December 20, 2017
Medical | By Jackie Banks

Parents urged to give two and three-year-olds flu vaccine

Parents urged to give two and three-year-olds flu vaccine

An estimated 5 to 20 percent of people are expected to get the flu this year, depending on the severity of the season.

The nasal spray vaccine provides good protection for children against influenza and is most effective if given before flu starts to circulate. "As recently as 10 years ago the thought was, if you had an egg allergy, you should not get the flu shot because it was thought you would have a reaction".

This year's vaccine is proving to be rather ineffective against one particular influenza strain, but experts say that anyone getting the flu after immunization is bound to have a less severe illness.

Specifically, the health organizations all found that potential harms of the flu - which for some can be life-threatening - outweighed any potential risks, especially since there is no proven record of people with egg allergies having bad reactions to the flu shot. He says it's still too early to tell, but he says those thinking of getting the vaccine, shouldn't be anxious about that myth that you'll get the flu from the flu shot.

Greenhawt, who is also an associate professor of pediatrics at Children's Hospital Colorado, estimates that egg allergy affects 2% of children in the United States.

Ask about egg allergy before giving the vaccine. "The overwhelming evidence since 2011 has shown that a flu shot poses no greater risk to those with egg allergy than those without".

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"We still have some time to get immunized we think it's going to peak earlier this year than it did last year for the flu season which means near the end of this month", said Dr. Whitacre.

The guidelines are the result of an analysis of 28 studies involving 4,315 egg allergic patients, including 656 patients with a severe egg allergy.

The department says the flu was expected to increase in Kansas and it likely has not peaked in the state yet.

Khan said there is also an intranasal spray version of the vaccine for those who don't want the needle.

"Our summer was very busy, so the adult side has been having surge issues longer standing that are beyond flu", she said.

Dr Atherton said: "We know that children are super-spreaders of germs". But, he points out, the amount of egg proteins in the vaccine each year has been decreasing.

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