Published: Wed, December 20, 2017
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Apple AirPods are the latest Christmas casualty of 2017

Apple AirPods are the latest Christmas casualty of 2017

Reiterating his expectations that Apple will double AirPods shipments next year to more than 26 million units, the analyst believes Q1 AirPods could beat the usual sales fall compared to holiday seasonality. This rumor also says that the 2018 AirPods will include smaller quartz components than the current version. Until recently, Inventec was the sole manufacturer for AirPods.

A new report from a well-known Apple insider said that Apple is now working on an upgraded AirPods model that should be unveiled in the second half of 2018. The mat is also anticipated to launch at some point in 2018.

But if you had your eye on a pair of AirPods this Christmas, don't despair. Unfortunately for those on the hunt, the AirPods now read "deliveries from January 3" on the Apple Store.

Currently, many Apple retail stores are listing January 5 as the first available pickup date for new orders.

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Kuo has also stated that Apple has recruited Luxshare to help with manufacturing AirPods, but the primary limiting factor for production is the lack of availability of RF printed-circuit boards used for the AirPods battery.

Last year, the newly released AirPods received widespread mocking when they were announced, but proved to be a popular hit.

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